Thursday, 20 June 2013

Juneathon day 20: 10 days to go

Forgive me for counting down, but Juneathon has been hard! 10 days to go. 10 days to go. *and repeat*

At running club tonight we were supposed to do speed work for beginners and intermediates, two sessions of speed work! I was my usual encouraging self and sprinted alongside particular beginners to make sure they were "reaching their full potential". Pleasantly surprised to be caught and passed by a few runners. Although that makes them future targets for pain (from myself or Pete). Just warning you Julie ;) xx

At intermediates we had the prospect of more speed work, and Pete had brought his whistle. Goodness knows what he had planned. Anyway, no one seemed keen on speed work, several people have injuries, two guys are running a marathon on Sunday, and I was a bit tired from beginners speed work, so one of the runners said he would lead us on a short run around town. 

3 miles in and I'm wondering where the heck we're running to. At 4 miles I was ready to lie down and sleep. At that point we all stopped running and decided to walk home, for another mile and a quarter! Was nice though, we had a good chat about "stuff".

So total running/walking was just over 7 miles. I'm rehydrating with cold lager and pretzels. 

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