Monday, 3 June 2013

Juneathon day three: severe case of C.B.A.

Today's Juneathon effort was going to be my walk to Cubs with my son, a short step along the river path to the Scout Hut, with the local nature reserve in view. It's a lovely walk, and we saw plenty of wildfowl and plantlife (my son nearly fell in the river he was so engrossed in looking at the ducks). 

Anyway, I got home and packed him off to bed, then the Asda shop arrived and I unpacked that. Finding 20 Coors in the bags made me resolve to go out for at least a mile so I could have one later. It's amazing where inspiration can come from. 

I headed back out along the river, hoping I might spot a flash of a kingfisher again (the last time I ran by the river I saw one). Nothing moving on the river, it was past 9pm though, so a bit late perhaps. I carried on home via the lane and Stotfold Mill. It's a beautiful lane, hedgerows high on both sides with cow parsley. The scent is heady. 

As I passed the Mill Meadows Nature Reserve I spotted some cars parked up in a strange way. Now what's that about? My guesses: either a drugs transaction or some couples about to engage in a spot of dogging. Ha! I didn't hang around to find out. Perhaps tomorrow. 

My run was 1.64 miles in 15:34. 

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