Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wednesday May 1: 10K to practise Greenway hills

Missed circuit training tonight so that I wouldn't be aching and sore for Sunday. Decided instead on a late evening 10K, to take in the start of the Greenway Challenge route. There is a steep hill about 1 mile in that I wanted to practise running up on tired legs.

Felt massively uncomfortable for the first 2 miles, terrible stomach cramps (basically, trapped wind!) and lethargic legs again. I said to myself "OK, just run 4 miles then", which would still take in the hill, but the 4 mile route was blocked by a car. I then compromised (in my head) with a 5 mile run, but I couldn't cross the road in the right place. I glanced ruefully at the gate I should've run through and carried on for the full 10K. By this point I was actually feeling OK, so I was really glad I carried on. The sun was just setting and it was still fairly warm.

I was glad I continued, because I had chance to then run the end of the Greenway Challenge route, and remind myself of the last hilly part. Not too bad really. The steep hill I approached on tired legs, but I pushed on and maintained my pace. What a feeling at the top! I was so happy with that. Nice gentle jog home and now I can look forward to Sunday.

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