Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Training update

I've forgotten to update for a few days (weeks). Summary follows:

Sunday 19th May: 6 mile long run (aim was to run for 60 minutes)

Monday 20th May: short interval session at the underpass, curtailed because the surface was slippery. 

Tuesday 21st May: Pilates 

Wednesday 22nd May: swimming, 16-20 lengths (lost count)

Thursday 23rd May: beginners' intervals (in heavy rain), then a 4 mile run, with a fast 400m interval at the end (7:10). 

Sunday 26th May: long run with my sister in Lancashire, 10 miles with the first 5 up a 900 foot hill. 

Monday 27th May: interval session, 6x 400m. 8:16, 7:18, 7:15, 7:12, 6:48, 7:40. Happy with that!

Tuesday 28th May: Pilates 

Wednesday 29th May: circuit training. Managed a two-ball plank for the first time!

That's you up to date. This weekend I start Juneathon, daily running or exercise, plus blogging. So, two rest days before then. 

Injury-wise, ankle (Achilles) is stiff every morning. My sister has offered to give me exercises to aid this. I'm also doing ankle rotations and icing daily. 

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