Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sunday April 28: South Greenway

Before running the Greenway Challenge on May 5, I had offered to teach some club runners the race route. We've only ever run the northern side in training, and a few people were worried about getting lost. However, 3 weeks of illness meant I wasn't quite up to the full 13 miles, so I decided just to run the southern part.

I drove to Baldock to start the run from the A1 road bridge, which is the point at which we've run to before. We headed around the back of Letchworth Rugby Club and past Woolgrove School, no problems for me here, I was maintaining speed nicely. A lovely flat and fast stretch from Letchworth Gate to Willian and towards Hitchin, I was running well. 

There is a horrible hill on Kingswood Avenue, and at this point I was starting to tire and lose the runners in front. I used all my energy to catch them so they knew the turning, then blew up and had to walk for a few minutes and take my gel! But I did it, and ran fairly comfortably along the main road back to the car, with only one other walk break. Definitely wasn't up to anything further than 8.5 miles, but the run gave me hope that the race won't be a complete disaster.

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