Monday, 13 May 2013

Thursday 9th May: one mile time trial

Today was the first "official" time trial of the year. The beginners met at Nortonbury Farm at 7pm, and I was there to help (umbrella-holding and organising runners). I was really pleased to see my run-walker friend there, and she managed to run all the way too, a real achievement. Makes me proud to see how far everyone has come. 

The intermediate trial began at 7:50, we had to give everyone time to run down from Stotfold. This unfortunately meant that my run down/warm up was slightly pointless, I was cold and shivery and wet. Not good. I had a bit of a warm up but I didn't feel good. I managed 7:33, running in rain and into a headwind. Also wearing my massive VLM reject jacket. I think I can do better next time!

Ran home, which made the whole run 4 miles. 

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