Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday May 5: Greenway Challenge

Race day, at last. Training has quite frankly been woeful, with 3 weeks off for a chest infection. I didn't expect to get a good time, and the hot sun made that inevitable. I struggled badly for the first 5 miles, I wasn't enjoying myself. Sometimes you have to step back and ask why you do this? If I'm not enjoying it I'm not going to carry on in the future. So at 5 miles I decided to have a walk and just run to enjoy myself.

After getting my breath back I carried on and managed well for the next 3 miles. I stopped to chat with a friend who was marshalling at a road crossing about 8 miles in. The brief break kept me going until I reached the dreaded Kingswood Avenue hill. Another walk break, and at the top of the hill (10 miles) was my lovely friend, who had cold water in her bag and topped my bottle up and offered many encouraging words.

I was definitely struggling at this point, I had to walk again quite soon afterwards. But once back on the flat and in Letchworth I knew it was the home straight. This is when I started to pick off runners in front of me. Although I was also horribly aware my feet were very uncomfortable, I knew I had blisters, they felt like they were on fire. Anyway, I pushed on and wondered if I'd make sub 2 hours. As it happened I didn't, but only just. Less talking and I'd have done it!

As I turned into Standalone for the finish my son raced up to me shouting "Pump those crazy legs!". That's a standard heckle from my family, I expect nothing less. At the finish we got a nice memento of a water bag, quite handy, and a huge selection of cakes to choose from. My friend was lying down having a massage, she shouted me over to tell me she was 2nd lady! I was so pleased for her. And another good friend was 3rd lady. So altogether a fantastic day.

Think I probably need new trainers though, my Sauconys are definitely shot.

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