Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tuesday April 30: more recovery, and a new route

Today I wanted to run faster than Monday, to see if I could push myself on from the 10 min miles I seem to be stuck at. I also fancied running the route around Etonbury Academy, which I last ran with the club in the snow, so I wasn't 100% sure of the way.

Considering the route was off-road, I ran comfortably and averaged about 9 min miles. I didn't get lost either, the path is very well marked. Heart rate was high though, 170 average, but it was very hot and I hadn't drunk enough water during the day, so hydration was an issue too.

Fairly pleased though, all things considered. Pilates in the evening, which despite my current HATE state of mind, I actually did OK and felt very strong in my legs. Lots of progression and I managed without help.

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