Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday May 4: Stotfold 5K Fun Run

This race was rescheduled from a very snowy March. Today was hot and sunny, with the possibility of a rain shower. I ran with my 5-year-old daughter, and my 7-year-old son ran with my friend Gill and her son.

The run was chip-timed, which for a school-organised fun run was rather unusual! I expect they got it for free. Despite some shoddy communication, the race was well organised on the day, and the route clearly marked out. 

We set off running, and probably managed 3 minutes before I enforced a walk break. This continued for a few km, then we walked for about 5 minutes because my daughter had a stitch and was flagging (it was very hot at this point of the run). I gave her a piggyback for about a quarter of a km, just to keep us moving. It's very hard to run and give a piggyback when your windpipe is being squashed! At 4 km she got a second wind, and ran for quite a way. I then gave her another short piggyback ride, with the rule that she had to run when we got on the road again. With the finish in sight, she gave up completely! I had strict words with her about the Stotfold Runners sprint finish, and that you definitely didn't stop with the end in sight, and holding hands, we crossed the line together.

I'm so proud of her for running and walking all that way, despite the two short carry breaks. We finished in 41:39, which is faster than the time I ran when I did Race for Life in 2006 (which was about 48 minutes I think!). 

My son finished just ahead of us in 38:18. He'd have done better if he'd not drunk all his juice before the start, or eaten all the Haribo, which were for during and after, not all during!

Me and my daughter at the start of the Fun Run

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