Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday April 24: return to circuits

I've not done any training for almost a week, and no circuit training for over 2 weeks, so I was a bit nervous about tonight.

First though, swimming. Took my children to their lessons and had a quick 15 minute swim myself. Managed 14 lengths, which is 450 metres. I didn't push today though.

Next, circuits. Layout was 4x4, with every "4" repeated (so 8x4 really). Started with side planks, jogging, and inverted row; next, ab curls, star jumps, tricep dips, and lunges; then Russian twists, calf raises, kettlebell swing (16 kg), and bicep curls; finally, skipping, press ups, back extensions, and plank.

Focused on technique tonight rather than progression or speed, but was pleased to discover I hadn't lost that much fitness.

Exhausting. Sweating profusely from jogging onwards. Really must remember to take a towel... But I burnt 300 odd calories at circuits and around 100 swimming, not too shabby.

I've started logging food and exercise on myfitnesspal again, and I've lost 3lb so it's definitely useful.

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