Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday April 9: Pilates love

Pilates tonight. I have a love-hate relationship with Pilates.


First, I go to the class under duress (Physio instructions), so it's not my choice.

Second, it's blinking expensive (£7 a session!). I could join a gym for that.

Third, I still don't breathe properly, and I'm not sure I'm "aligned".


But, I like the instructor (I used to go to her aerobics class years ago, when I was Fat Sarah).

I'm not actually that bad at it, despite what I think.

And I am improving with respect to leg strength!

Plus I'm more aware of my posture now. It's definitely helped my running and other training.

So, even though I spend the hours before Pilates thinking "I'm not doing this class next term" and wishing I were at running club instead, I actually do like it really.

Tonight we did lots of leg work. (Possibly why I'm on a Love high at the moment.) I can do the leg stuff. And the back exercises. It's just the advanced core work I struggle with. And we didn't do that today :)

Other stuff: ankle/heel is OK today, only hurts if I press on it. I can't go to circuits tomorrow now so another rest day will be good for it.

Cough is chesty and now I'm sneezing everywhere too. Blinking cold! I blame the children. Does mean I'm allowing myself "medicinal whisky" in the evening. Cheers!

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