Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday April 8: circuit training

Woke with slightly stiff calves this morning but they soon loosened up. No running planned today, just an hour of circuit training.

Ran over to the class with the kids who were on their scooters. It's the Easter holidays, but Pete allows well-behaved children to come along to his class. Not sure why he lets my two in!

The circuit today was eight stations, which we repeated four times.

• Inverted row with TRX (probably managed fewer than 10 per round -- rubbish!)
• Lying hamstring curls (single leg, alternating after 6 reps)
• Abdominal curls with 7.5kg kettlebell (5kg last round)
• Squat jumps (using a box to jump on and off to aid the squat)
•Press ups (full to begin, then three-quarter. Earned a 'Loser' comment from my son for my poor attempts)
• Single leg squats (right leg only, to strengthen the dodgy knee. Some progress made on avoiding the "wobble")
• Back extensions
• Skipping (attempted double jumps but instead managed to whip myself with the rope on my arm and bum!)

Warm up and stretch after cool down. Learnt a new "trust" stretch for upper back, involved a partner holding the other while they leant back and stretched.

Ankle/heel today feels stiff and bruised. No running until Thursday to see if that helps. Cough has worsened too so definitely no running.

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