Sunday, 7 April 2013

Running history: aiming for another PB

Hello, I'm Sarah, one of the running coaches at Stotfold Runners. This blog will be my daily training diary, and will prevent my personal blog becoming full of dull running posts (now I can fill it up with dull family stuff and posts about what we've eaten).

After 6 months of gentle persuasion, I finally started running in January, 2011. My aim was to run to lose weight (I was about 14 stone at my heaviest, now I'm about 10 stone). However, my competitive nature soon took over, and before long I was running to race and to get faster.

First year

My first race was in April, 2011, the Flitwick 10K, which I finished in less than an hour. I was hooked on racing! I spent summer 2011 training for my first half marathon, which was in Fleetwood. (It was in August and hailstoned, not the best weather!) I ended the year with my second half marathon, which I finished in just under 1 hour 50.

Personal bests

10K:  48:54 (Autumn Breaker [Blackpool], October 2011)
Half: 1:49:54 (Stevenage Half Marathon, November 2011)


During a run after Stevenage my left knee seized up and I couldn't walk let alone run. Sadness indeed. But a couple of weeks of rest and I was back moving again, tentatively.


Two pairs of Asics 1180.

Second year

Year 2 of running; I finally ran some 5K races and trained for two other half marathons (my favourite distance). A second shot at Flitwick 10K meant I knew what to expect (hills), and I ran one local half with a friend (which I have to say is a lovely way to endure something quite painful). After watching several friends take part in the London Marathon, I decided my next challenge would be to run a marathon. I signed up to Preston Guild Marathon, which is held once every 20 years. My time was not quite what I hoped for, but I can at least say I have run a marathon.

Personal bests

5K:    22:44 (Marston Forest 5K, June 2012)
10K:  48:16 (Flitwick 10K, April 2012)
Half: 1:46:31 (Greenway Challenge, May 2012)
Full: 4:58:46 (Preston Guild Marathon, October 2012)


Oh yes, this year I got injured "properly". The other knee decided to give up during an 18 mile training run, and with a marathon looming I finally conceded that I needed to see a physio. I was recommended a great guy in Stevenage, who got me back on my feet.


Asics Gel Cumulus 13, Saucony Ride 4.

Third year

Currently in year 3, what plans? Mainly to remain uninjured... I've run a half marathon as a knee-tester (leg pain after 10 miles saw me slow down but finish with a course record), a 10K (run the week after the half, I nearly collapsed through fatigue), and several 5Ks (enjoying these immensely!). No PBs so far, I'm still building up leg strength after my injury last year. I have a half to come in May, then a summer of speedwork, hill reps, and short runs with the aim to PB at Standalone 10K in October and either Ashwell half or Stevenage half in November. Possible local 10K in the summer. Who knows what will crop up? And I'm looking forward to coaching at the club a bit more and helping our beginners group gain confidence to perhaps run Standalone 10K (our local race) at the end of the year.

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