Monday, 22 April 2013

Thursday April 18: birthday run club!

After not running or training for what feels like 2 weeks I decided I had to go to run club today just for my sanity. My chest felt a lot clearer (slight congestion but nothing major) and my sinus blockage had gone. Also, I'd baked 42 cakes for my birthday and they needed eating.

Beginners group did a 30-minute interval session at the Norton Rd underpass. I jogged mine with a newcomer and then did a few sprints on my own, finishing with a slow jog with another new starter. Nice warm up.

Cakes successfully dished out, then it was the turn of the intermediate group. I decided on a slow-paced 4 mile run around the Greenway. It felt comfortable, but I was glad I hadn't pushed to 5 miles.

Total run today, just over 6 miles.

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