Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday April 7: long run day

I'm currently training for the Greenway Challenge half marathon, on May 5. I ran this last year with a friend and set my current half marathon PB. I'm not expecting to get a PB this year, I just want to run it and feel comfortable, without knee pain or anything else arising.

Training today was 12.5 miles, split into two 10K loops. The first 10K was run in 1 hour, which I am happy with, it was a very steady pace. The second was slower (about 1 hour 9) because I was running with some of our Club's newer intermediate runners (or those returning from injury). All in all, 12.9 miles (including running home) in 2 hours 13.

The back of my right ankle is feeling sore. I've alternated ice and heat for 20 minutes and have done some ankle rotation exercises.

Wore my New Balance 1080s today, I really notice the reduced cushioning in them, although they feel supportive. Longest run so far in them, which could explain the ankle pain.

Slight cough and sore throat, nothing major.

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