Saturday, 7 December 2013

MK marathon: week 5 training plan

Last week was cutback week and I ran 10 miles with some of the club. It was a good long run, nice and slow, but the route wasn't ideal. After meeting a bin lorry and a bus on the road to Ickleford, I vowed to only plan routes on roads with a pavement.

I did a quick 5K on Monday in between school drop-off and circuit training, just to give myself something to do rather than sit at home looking at the dishwasher and thinking about work. Circuits was pairs, I was with Duncan and we did OK I think, apart from when I kept forgetting what number I was on. Poor Dunc holding a plank while I'm muttering "I think that's six, I'll do some extra".

Tuesday was another club run, 2.5 miles with the beginners, followed by an extremely difficult Pilates class. My abs and arms were not happy.

On Wednesday I took myself out for a 5 mile run, alternating slow and fast 0.25 mile intervals (instead of my planned 0.5 mile intervals). I was a bit rushed for time really, not my best mental state (although I read in Runners World this month that running when mentally fatigued is good marathon training). Anyway, the run felt terrible, I thought it was slow and I definitely could've gone faster. Plus my right leg felt huge compared to my left leg, a very odd sensation. I have retrospectively put this down to not eating lunch. 

I had to miss running club on Thursday for various reasons. I did manage to catch everyone at the end for a chat though, so that stopped me feeling too sad at not being able to run 5 miles in the freezing cold...

Friday, I dropped the car off in Arlesey for my husband and ran home. Not a long distance (2 miles) but miles none-the-less. Slightly odd sensation of running with no feet after I lost all sensation in them because of the cold weather. Bit like running on stumps. I imagine. 

Today I ran in NHRR's First Saturday 5K, a festive Santa run. I wore my Santa hat and finished in 25:20. Quite happy with that, I didn't push hard so it's a sign I'm getting more comfortable running at 8:30s. 

Next week's training plan...

Sunday (Week 5)
13 mile run (@ marathon pace, 9 min/mile)

5K run after school drop (AM)

Circuits (AM)

Running club (PM); a 2 mile run or speedwork


Tempo run (AM); 6 mile run with 1 mile alternate fast/slow

Can't make running club! Sadness indeed. I'll do a home workout if I can be bothered. 


Thursday's run, after school drop off, 7 miles or so.

14 mile run (slow)

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