Saturday, 14 December 2013

MK marathon: week 6 training plan

Last Sunday I ran 13 miles with Barry, Scott, and Ed. I'd planned to run at near marathon pace, which I'm hoping will be around 9 min/mile on the day. Managed an average of 9:30 but did hit 9s for miles 8 and 9, which is quite good considering it was over halfway through my run. I was struggling towards the end though so there was a bit of a mental battle to keep myself going until the end.

On Monday I ran 3.5 miles after school drop off. I was intending to run my 5K route to Arlesey and back but got out of school 5 minutes earlier than usual so decided to go off-road. Took the footpath behind Etonbury, which I'm still not confident about remembering (until I get to it). Muddy shoes for circuit training, just as well Pete is friendly. I felt tired before we even started so I don't think I'll run before the class next week. Perhaps afterwards. Anyway, I was a bit wiped out by lunchtime and had to have a 15 minute power nap. Circuits itself was four groups of four stations, and we did each group of four twice before moving on to the next. 

Tuesday night was beginners run club and I took a group out and back along Valerian Way. We walked for a bit because a lady got cramp in her calf, but she was OK once we started running again (cramp is a strange thing). I had my Pilates class afterwards, there was a lot of arm and ab work tonight, which my legs were happy about. We did a new exercise, side push ups, which worked our triceps. I must have good triceps because I managed ten each side, whereas everyone else struggled to do one. Arms of steel *flexes*

On Wednesday I was supposed to run but was so busy with work I missed my chance, plus I was really tired. :( I wasn't planning to run on Thursday (I knew I couldn't run with the club because my husband was out on his work Christmas do) but because of the missed Wednesday run I made myself go out for 7 miles. I ran the first 3 miles at an easy pace and then pushed hard for the next mile, recovering for a mile and pushing hard again. Last mile was a cool down. I didn't want to run before I started, and during the run I was cursing myself for being a fool and signing up to another marathon. But once I'd finished I was glad I'd gone. After about 3 hours of thinking about it...  

Friday was a rest day, I ate lots of cake for some reason.

Today I ran my long run for next week, because I can't go tomorrow. 14.5 miles in total. The first 3 were out to Arlesey and back with Maare and Paul. Once back in Stotfold we picked up Tracey and Graham and ran another 10 miles around Letchworth (Graham dropped out after 10 km, he said we were too fast!). Poor Maare had cramp after she'd run 10 miles in total, so she walked back on her own from Baldock (she got home fine, but insisted we carry on without her). Once we'd run 13 miles, Paul went home and Tracey and I carried on across Mill Meadows for a mile and a half. It was a bit muddy and full of happy dogs, but we didn't get chased by any so that was good.

Calves and knees and hamstrings are really aching now and I'm considering a trip to see my physio for a chat and a massage. Perhaps in January *hopes for Christmas money*

Next week's training plan...

Sunday (Week 6)
Rest day

Circuits (AM)

Running club (PM); a 2 mile run or speedwork


8 mile run, easy pace (AM)

Running club are out on the town for Christmas!  


Fast(ish) 10K 


Rest day 

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