Saturday, 21 December 2013

MK marathon: week 7 training plan

On Monday last week I was supposed to go to circuits but had to cancel because of work. Tuesday I missed running club because I had to drive to Luton to collect my husband because the trains were screwed. I did make Pilates though.

On Wednesday, in honour of missing running club, I ran 8.6 miles after school dropoff, into Letchworth and back. Was a gentle plod and I quite enjoyed it. When I got home and was warm again. 

Thursday was running club's Christmas do! Wooo, much fun was had. 

Friday I delivered Christmas cards around my town. I managed to find 5 miles between my friend's houses. 

Nice rest on Saturday ready for...

Sunday (Week 7)
15 miles (slow and steady, might do 3x 5 mile Greenway runs taking in the Big Hill)

Rest day


10K run (AM), fastish



Week 8's long run, 12 hilly miles (cutback week)

0.25 mile sprint intervals, for about...3 miles (until I get bored)

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