Saturday, 28 December 2013

MK marathon: week 8 training plan

On Sunday I was supposed to run 15 miles, but a combination of time pressures, niggling gastritis, and horrible rain meant I only managed 14. Which isn't all that bad really! I met a few friends and we ran just under 10 miles, we had planned an off-road route for the back few miles but had to go on the road because it just didn't get light. After we got back to Stotfold we added on another 4 miles, making 14 in total by the time I got home. 

Monday was a rest day, but I managed a windy walk around Blackpool. Not personal wind...

On Tuesday I ran just over 10K around Stanley Park in Blackpool. I've run a few races here so followed the approximate route for the first 5K, then found a hill to run up fastish, before running the reverse 5K route back. 

Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with Christmas food and family celebrations. No time to do anything but drive around Lancashire and eat roast dinners. 

On Friday I ran 12 hilly miles around Pendle in East Lancashire. I ran 2 miles on my own to test out my new headtorch, then met up with my sister to run 9 miles through Read and Sabden, up and down a lot of hills! I finished by running up the hill behind my mum's house, testing it out for a hill training session another day.

On Saturday I dodged hail showers and went out for a hill training session. I fancied finding the steepest hill I could, just to show off on Strava really ;-) Ran 4 loops of the local steep hill behind my mum's house, then did 4 short sprints up a shallower hill after. Was a good session. In the evening I was at a party, but spent time chatting to some of my sister's friends who cycle in the area, and they told me some challenging areas to run next time I'm in Lancashire. I can't wait to try them out :-)

Next week's training plan...

Sunday (Week 8)
Rest day (did the long run on Friday)

Interval session, 0.5 mile alternate fast/slow


8 mile run

Rest day

7 mile tempo run

Rest day (or Tabata workout)

NHRR First Saturday 5K

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