Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pilates delusion, and the importance of goals

I always thought that Pilates was the sort of exercise class that old ladies went to for a bit of a stretch and a relax. It was only when I was forced by my physio to start classes last year (during the knee injury saga) that I realised how wrong I was. After tonight's class my stomach feels like it's been pummeled flat and will never recover. (I don't really want it to recover, if I'm honest!)

My stomach isn't the only part of me that's sore. My thighs ache and so do my shoulders, due to circuit training on Monday. I finally made it back to class, after a month or so of hectic work schedule making me think I couldn't go (I could have, I just needed to be more organised and focused). I'm hoping to keep going every Monday now, it's a habit I need to get back into.


Last week I ran over 26 miles in total, 7 on Tuesday, 8 on Thursday, and 11 on Sunday. Thursday was a good club session, a fairly fast 2.5 miles with one of the "beginners", who was running away some stress, and then a 5 point something run with the intermediates. Ran an out and back route and the back leg was definitely a lot faster than the out leg. In fact, there was a bit of silent competition going on I think... I blame Strava.

Sunday's long run was too fast for me, 9 min/mile pace meant I was shattered and my heart rate was in all the wrong zones. I'm viewing it as a tempo run! This weekend's long run will be done on my own to ensure it's slow enough, plus most of my usual co-runners are running in the Ashwell half marathon. (I can't run in the race and I'm sad about it.)

Tonight's run of 2 miles brings me to 100 miles for my arbitrary month, a target that I set on Garmin Connect. That's the second 100 mile "month" I've managed since September and I'm quite pleased that I've been focused enough to complete them both. I almost didn't go running tonight but being 2 miles off my target was a great incentive! That's why goals are important.

Week 3 plan
Monday: circuits
Tuesday: short club run, Pilates
Wednesday: aerobics workout at home
Thursday: long club run
Friday: ab workout at home
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 12 mile long run

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