Sunday, 17 August 2014

Random Sunday half marathon

After I gave up on Juneathon I kind of gave up on everything really. I stopped swimming, I wasn't running long distances anymore (no longer than 10K), and I stopped blogging. Lack of mojo!

I ran/walked Herts Hobble at the end of June, 26.5 miles off-road. It was enjoyable in that it was different (self-navigated, along footpaths, and in an area I'm unfamiliar with), but I maintain that running the marathon distance is idiotic. My knee and hamstring began to hurt again, and I had to walk a lot towards the end. Running with friends was fun, but I felt guilty at the end that I'd held them up by wanting to walk. We finished in over 5 hours 20 minutes (5 hours if you exclude checkpoints).

Despite entering Duck N Dash aquathlon again I'm not 100% sure I want to do it. I've not swum at all in the outdoor pool this year, the only reason I'm keeping it in mind is my son has entered a Duckling event, he's swimming 100m and running 1km. If he's doing it I might as well go along too. He's running and swimming well at the moment. He gained his mile swimming badge a month ago, and a few weeks back he completed the St Neots 2km fun run in about 10 minutes. One of us is doing OK!

Another "one of us" doing OK is my husband, who ran St Neots 10K in 41 minutes and Marston 5K under 19 minutes. Annoyingly he's started going to running club, which means I can't run with the intermediate group anymore. Another reason why my distance has fallen off to max 5K. He has started racing too, meaning I have been demoted to fun-running with the kids (unless I can find a babysitter).

I've decided I have to focus on half marathon distance, which is my own domain. Hence why I took myself off for a random Sunday half this morning, to remind my legs how far 13.1 miles is. Aim was to keep between 9 and 10 min/mile pace, which I managed, and not to walk (also successful, despite the presence of hills). Next step is to get faster again. Plan is to run a 10k and a half in training every week from September, with speedwork twice a week (before beginners running club). And to try to remember to do strength work on other days.

One thing at a time...

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