Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Juneathon catchup

I've failed at the blogging side of Juneathon but I have still exercised (sort of) every day. 

Friday June 6
I spent the afternoon pitching a tent on my own. I wore my Garmin because I wanted to see how far I moved while doing it (there's a lot of running in circles involved with tent-pitching). I covered just over 1 mile in more than an hour. I also had to run a third of a mile from home to my kids' school because I was late to pick them up. 

Saturday June 7
I accompanied my daughter and her Beaver Scout friends on a 3.4 mile walk from Henlow to Langford and back. It took just under 2 hours and there was a lot of moaning involved (it rained a LOT, plus Beavers are age 6-8). We did get ice cream though. 
In the afternoon I played cricket and rounders with my son and his friends, rounders is a bit like interval training. ;)

Sunday June 8
I took down a tent, which involves a similar amount of running around in circles. It certainly gets the heart rate going. I had a short walk in the afternoon too when I took my son to his karate lesson and visited a friend who has just moved nearby. 

Monday June 9
I did circuit training, it was a Tabata-style circuit (HIIT training). I was exhausted and sweated loads. Had to run to the class (0.3 miles) too because I was late. 

Tuesday June 10
I ran today, I went for a quick 5K on my own before running club (3.4 miles in 27 mins) then took a group of beginners on a 2.3 mile run around the village in 30 mins. Was good to get some extra miles in, my running has suffered recently since my husband started running too. He takes all the good running slots :(

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