Wednesday, 8 April 2015

3 weeks until London Marathon

3 weeks to go to the London Marathon means the first week of my taper. The plan was to try to maintain the mileage but still do a longish run at the weekend.

For the first few days I was still recovering from Oakley 20, so I actually found my foam roller and used it on my sore legs. I had a gentle jog on the treadmill on Tuesday, which started as a brisk walk and turned into a bit of an interval session because I wanted to finish within 30 mins! On Wednesday I took my children swimming and I swam 800 m, another good recovery session.

From Thursday until Monday we were in Lancashire visiting family. We had two slow family walks on Thursday and Easter Sunday, keeping my mileage up! I wasn't sure when to attempt my long run, whether to do a tough 15-16 mile hill run around Pendle or an easy flattish 18 mile run in Blackpool. Knowing how rubbish the weather can be in Blackpool, and secretly wanting to run up a steep hill or three, I opted for the long hill run.

I ran my usual hill route, which is about 9 miles, but I tacked on the Whalley Nab climb that I have attempted before but failed at because the Nab is almost impossible to run up! I then planned to add on a loop around my old hometown.

The first 4 miles were constant climb, and I took some walk breaks, telling myself that I was not out to kill or injure myself. Looking back at previous attempts of these hills on Strava, I ran my quickest time on this route; good stuff! The next 5 miles were flat, with a quick descent at the end, and I enjoyed this section before reaching the Nab. Last time I attempted this run I walked as soon as I put my foot on the steep incline; this time I managed to run about 25 metres before giving up. Whalley Nab is truly impossible to run up! I walked on the road for the next mile, only starting to run again when I got chased by two dogs! If I ever attempt this route again I think I will skirt the Nab and take a local bridleway, which should be easier to run (albeit still hilly!). By the time I reached my parents' house I was shattered and in no mood to carry on for another 5 miles, so I headed home, 11.5 miles in the bag in 2 hours. Slightly disappointing, but I thought I would recover for a couple of days and then perhaps attempt a run of 10 miles on Monday along the prom in Blackpool.

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