Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Holiday runs

Since my last blog post I've been to Florida with The Family on holiday. It was a rather ill-timed holiday in view of my planned marathon but (a) I didn't plan it and (b) it's tricky explaining (without appearing selfish/crazy) to 10 other people (in September) why you'd rather the family holiday was 2 weeks earlier, a week later, or perhaps postponed until May.

Anyway, I decided to embrace the warmer climate and plan some speedwork for the 2 weeks, calling it "warm weather training" and styling myself as some sort of ATHLETE.

I must have walked miles every day around theme parks (cross training), little bit of daily swimming (recovery), and then some running.

Day 1: 5K tempo run with the husband (he's fast now and has decided to help me get faster). I managed to keep up with him, mainly because he was tired and a bit hungover.

Day 3: 10K easy, aim was to maintain at least 9 min/mile pace.

Day 4: Found a local hill and ran up and down it 7 times, until I'd logged 2 miles.

Day 6: 5K tempo with the husband, saw what 1 min/mile faster than me looks like over a mile. He did slow down after his fast mile to say hello.

Day 7: 10K easy

*insert few days of tiredness and a sickness bug*

Day 12: 10K slow, pushed to a fast(ish) mile near the end

Not quite as speedy or full of training as I'd have liked but at least I got out there, ran in the heat, and didn't gain any weight. Now I'm back in the UK and I'm in full-on taper mode. I ran 15 miles the Saturday after I got home (to remind my legs what they will have to do soon), and I'm planning 8 miles this weekend.

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