Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Strava Segment run

Tonight I ran my Strava segment run again, it's my new Wednesday tradition (a 2 week tradition). First 2 miles are slow, third mile is as fast as I can run from Fairfield Park to Standalone Farm, fourth mile and a bit is slow again, fifth mile is as fast as I can from Fairfield Park back to Stotfold, then a nice slow cool down mile. Just over 6 miles, a perfect tempo run (in my opinion).

The two fast miles were about 7:40, which I'm happy with. Heart rate was in the right places at the right times too. I could probably have run faster, but I'd eaten my tea an hour earlier, and I was thinking about stuff (as you do), and I kept looking at the sky (very starry tonight). So yeah, good.

Apart from when I noticed my heart rate had gone a bit weird at the start of the run (170). So I started fiddling while running. And broke the damn thing. So had to remove the strap and fix and reattach it. For those who don't know, the strap goes under my sports bra... At least it wasn't a club night. 

Other stuff this week...

Monday I went to circuits. That was hard. Pete had this new structure of 6 sets of 20 second exercise, with 10 seconds rest in between. Once you finished the 6 sets you moved onto the next exercise. I started on the TRX doing inverted row, I always start on the TRX because next to press ups they are my least favourite exercise. Anyway, lunges and squats and ab curls and cardio. And 2 days later my legs still ache. 

Beginners club run on Tuesday, 4 K around town, then Pilates to stretch out my aching bits. And make more aching bits...

Tomorrow is a rest day, yes? No. Club runs. *Yay*

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